Monday, 4 June 2012

Vidya Balan’s Father doesn’t think “The Dirty Picture” Vulgar

After the release of ‘The Dirty Picture’ Vidya is known as Bollywood’s ‘dirty’ girl. Vidya’s father says that he was impressed with his daughter’s performance in the film ‘The Dirty Picture’ and think she is a born actress.

Vidya’s father P. R. Balan told reporters an event that “she is bold, beautiful and born actress. A new actress will be born again on 2 Dec 2011”. He didn’t find anything vulgar in the film ‘The Dirty Picture.

The Dirty Picture released last year, was an unofficial biopic southern sex symbol Silk Smitha and Vidya Balan played the character. Critics and viewers both like this film. P. R. Balan said that he knew the film will be a super duper hit in the box office.

Director Milan Lutharia gracefully directed and it will be a definitely a super hit film. The second half of the film is better than the first half. “God bless my child and you are very beautiful” says Vidya’s father.